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Student Drop Off & Pick Up

Let's all work together to have a safe, calm drop-off and pick-up at Buri Buri!

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Please follow these guidelines when picking up and dropping off your students at Buri Buri:


  • Please do not allow your student to play on the play structure in the morning before school or in the afternoon after school.
  • You are welcome on campus at 8:10.  Please do not enter buildings before 8:15.  Class begins promptly at 8:25.
  • Parents, please do not stay in the classroom after 8:25.
  • For pick up in grades 1-5, please wait off campus until 2:40
  • Please never double park on Del Monte or stop to let out passengers
  • Please always use the crosswalks to cross the street and have your children do the same
  • Please never block a neighbor's driveway
  • Please follow all traffic laws; do not make dangerous illegal U-turns
  • If you drive to school, we recommend avoiding the block of Del Monte in front of the school.
  • We recommend walking to school if you can!

Thank you!

Drop Off Lane


Arrive before 8:10 for NO TRAFFIC/WAITING! 

Please consider other families:  pull as far forward as possible before dropping off/picking up

Drop off/pick up on the right, then pull to the left to exit.

Here are the rules for using the drop-off lane:

  • The drop-off lane is for drop-off only; no parking
  • Right turn only into the drop-off lane
    • Approach the drop-off lane on Del Monte from Nyla
  • Right turn only out of the drop-off lane
    • Exit towards El Campo
  • Pull forward as close as possible to the MPR
  • Use the right lane to drop off/pick up.  Use the left lane for exiting
  • Have students exit on the right (curb side)
  • Do not let students out of the car unless you are pulled over to the right and as far forward towards the MPR as possible.
  • Check carefully on the left before pulling to the left to exit
  • Pedestrians, please stay on the sidewalk only