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Third Grade

Third Grade

Ms. Arruda, Ms. Garcia-Rovetta, Ms. Neblett, Ms. H

Third Grade Supplies

Student Supplies


backpack books pencil

  • Grade 3 Student Supply List

    Printer paper

    Kleenex Tissue

    Fine point dry erase markers (black)

    2 boxes of #2 pencils (sharpened)

     highlighters (assorted colors)

    Color markers (water based)

    4 composition books (wide rule, NOT spiral bound)

    White erasers (Staedler or Magic brand)

    Box of crayons (24 count)

    6 Pack Multicolor Plastic Two Pocket Folders with prongs red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple

    Post It notes 3x3

    Pack of red ballpoint pens (Bic or Paper-Mate)

    Pack of blue ballpoint pens (Bic or Paper-Mate)

    Do NOT bring the following:

    Mechanical pencils

    Spiral bound composition books

    Third Grade Wish List

    Electric pencil sharpener


    Additional supplies requested by each teacher.
    Mrs. Neblett- one large pencil box, homework folder

    Ms. Arruda- one pencil box, homework folder, colored pencils

    Mrs. Garcia-Rovetta- one purple and one black plastic folder, colored pencils

    Ms. Ho- plastic homework folder, colored pencils

    Updated 6/14/19



Third Grade Teachers

Ms. Arruda, Room F-111

Mrs. Neblett, Room F-112

Mrs. Garcia-Rovetta, Room F-114

Ms. Ho, Room F-113

Teacher Websites

Mrs. Garcia-Rovetta