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Char Jennifer Locker

Char Jennifer

Hooray For Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten! 


Kindergarten dismissal is at 12:30PM until Friday, September 1. Please do not be on campus before 12:25PM. Dismissal will be at 1:30 starting on Tuesday, September 5. Please do not be on campus before 1:30PM. The gates will not be open until that time. School will still be in session for all other grades. We ask that families leave campus as quickly as possible so instruction is not interrupted for the other students. Thank you for you cooperation.

Unless you child is in daycare, a family member (listed on the emergency form) must walk your child to the classroom in the morning and pick them up at our door at dismissal. Daycare teachers will pick up all students from their classrooms at dismissal time.


Please pack a healthy, balanced lunch (no candy, sodas or glass bottles) if your child will not be buying lunch. Please label all clothing items and personal belongings with you child's name. Your child may bring in their school supplies on the first day of school.


I look forward to meeting you all. My classroom is actually J101, however the number is not listed on the classroom building. Just come through the Kindergarten gates and look for my name on the window of Building J.  Have a wonderful last few days of summer vacation. 


Mrs. Char


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