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PE Testing

We will be working on PE testing. Here are videos so you can practice.


Curl up


Sit and Reach


Trunk lift


Push up


If you would like access to the class Shutterfly account, submit your email address, and you will receive the link.

US States and Capitals

Here is the link for the regions of the United States.  Each Thursday there is a test. November is Midwestern 


US Regions


50 States and Capitals song

Healthy Snack Friday


Non-fried vegetable


Seeds, eggs, cheese

Whole grain


Less than 35% calories from fat

Less than 10% calories from saturated fat

Less than 35% sugar by weight

Less than 0.5% grams trans fat per serving

Less than 250 milligrams sodium

Less than 175 calories per serving

Chris Stone

Contact Information


(650) 877-8776

Weekly News 3/15/19

Dear Blue Wolves Families,

This was a busy week trying to get everything done before Indoor/Outdoor Education and then Spring Break. In reading, we started a new literature unit on theme, poetry, and figurative language. In writing, the students finished their compare and contrast essays about San Francisco and Los Angeles. For math, we finished Unit 6, and will begin Unit 7 in April. In science we talked about the "spheres" - atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. 

On Thursday, the students did a Winslow Homer inspired lesson with Art in Action. They studied an apple and did a series using oil pastels. Check out the pictures on Shutterfly.

Also on Thursday, Principal Ramich kicked off the school Read-a-Thon. We are all ready off to a great start. Spread the word so we can keep Miss Melissa next year. Here is the link to make a donation and spread the word.

Next week is a big week. Many of the students and myself will be heading to Outdoor Education for the week. All students need to arrive at school at their normal time and be in their seats when the bell rings. Plan to arrive a little bit early to drop off luggage in the cafeteria. Students need to take their lunches with them to class. One the buses arrive, the students will board and be on their way. Those staying for Indoor Ed., will have a great time with Mrs. Hillman. She has some fun activities planned. Her room is D-111. We will return back from camp on Friday, between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. Once all the luggage is off the buses, students can go home and begin Spring Break.  We will be back to school on April 1. (That isn't a joke!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

HOMEWORK 3-15-19


Reading log - no reading log  reading log 

Math - 

Science - 

Social studies -

Writing - 

Reading - 

Indoor/Outdoor Ed week - come to school on Monday at regular time. Drop luggage in cafeteria, take lunch to classroom.



State Report

The state report is due April 12

Math Expressions

To print homework and remembering pages, click on link  Math Expressions


Unit 1                 Unit 5

Unit 2                 Unit 6

Unit 3

Unit 4


Here is the link for the district portal. Students can access Renaissance, Raz Kids, Khan Academy, Math Central, Wonders, and more.




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