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PE Testing

We will be working on PE testing. Here are videos so you can practice.


Curl up


Sit and Reach


Trunk lift


Push up


If you would like access to the class Shutterfly account, submit your email address, and you will receive the link.

US States and Capitals

Here is the link for the regions of the United States.  Each Thursday there is a test. November is Midwestern 


US Regions


50 States and Capitals song

Healthy Snack Friday


Non-fried vegetable


Seeds, eggs, cheese

Whole grain


Less than 35% calories from fat

Less than 10% calories from saturated fat

Less than 35% sugar by weight

Less than 0.5% grams trans fat per serving

Less than 250 milligrams sodium

Less than 175 calories per serving

Chris Stone

Contact Information


(650) 877-8776

Weekly News 10/12/18

Dear Blue Wolves Families,

In writing this week, students are typing up their narrative first drafts in Google Classroom. Next week we will work on revising and editing. In reading, students worked hard on analyzing what they read and then writing about it. Next week we will start a unit on characters and theme. In math, we completed all the lessons in Unit 4, and will review for the Unit 4 test on Wednesday. After that, we will start Unit 1, adding and subtracting fractions. We checked in with our AM goals on Friday, to see if they are on track of meeting their individual goal.In science, we are studying plants, and have been learning about plant parts. Also, students are working on PowerPoints on the subject of helping the school become green. We are also working on a poster about composting that will be in the cafeteria when we start sorting lunch waste at lunch. In social studies, we have started researching Native Americans. The students will be assigned a project later in the month. This week was the first quiz on the Southwest Region. Students will have two more chances to pass the quiz.

Office Blake taught two GREAT classes this week. The first lesson was an introduction to the class and what to expect. The second class was about bullying, and being a bystander or an upstander.

In the garden on Thursday, the students took a survey, and then worked in the garden. They picked tomatoes that Miss Melissa passed out after school.

In the past, the SSF Fire Department has come to the school to talk about fire prevention. They are not doing that program this year, so our class will talk about it and work on a home exit plan. You will see the worksheet and should have a conversation about having a meeting place, and working out an exit plan.

On Friday, October 19, is the Buri Buri PTA Harvest Festival. An orange flyer was sent home with the students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me and let me know.


Ms. Stone

HOMEWORK 10-17-18


Reading log - 30 minutes  -  reading log 


Math -


Science - 


Social studies - study for southwest region test


Writing - 


Reading - write about character action and choice


Packet due - October 19 packet


Scholastic News - due 10/18




Math Expressions

To print homework and remembering pages, click on link  Math Expressions


Unit 2

Unit 4


Here is the link for the district portal. Students can access Renaissance, Raz Kids, Khan Academy, Math Central, Wonders, and more.




Parent code for Scholastic Orders




Food Drive