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Please feel free to email me at if any questions or issues arise. 

Scholastic Book Order

 If you would like to order Scholastic books online, you will need to enter the teacher code, HQHMZ




AR Requirement

AR stands for Accelerated Reading. This is an online program used in fifth grade to make sure students are comprehending the books read independently. Every month students will be required to read novels independently and then complete an AR comprehension quiz in class. 


Students need to read one fiction and one nonfiction book this month. Each book must be at least 75 pages (please check with me if the book is less than 75 pages!) Passing scores are considered 70% or higher. If your student does not pass the AR quiz, they will be asked to reread the book and attempt the quiz until a passing score is reached. The deadline to complete the October goal is October 30. (Let's not worry about AM and AR on Halloween.) Please do not wait until the last day to complete this requirement!

AM Objectives

AM stands for Accelerated Math. AM is a program used in fifth grade to make sure students are practicing math skills already taught as well as preview skills that will be taught this year. Every student will be working at different paces and on different assignments to ensure every student is working at a rate appropriate for them. Students will be required to work on AM assignments at home as well as at school. Every month the goals will vary slightly, so please refer to this site to find the monthly goal.


October Goal - Earn 7 more objectives this month

Debbie Kreisman

Welcome to D-114!

Welcome to our class and 5th grade! My name is Ms. Kreisman and I am very excited to be your child's teacher. Our classroom website is here to inform parents and students on the events and learning going on in our classroom. Check here for important information, dates to remember, homework assignments, and notices about events happening in the classroom. I anticipate a great year filled with learning, growth, and accomplishments!

Science Experiment

We are in need of supplies to prepare for our next science experiment. The following students volunteered to bring the items below by Thursday, Oct. 11. We only need 8 of each item (one for each group). Thank you in advance for your help!


8 Paper Plates - Emma 

(Needs to be able to fit inside a gallon size ziploc bag.)


8 Ziploc bags - Alejandro

(gallon size please)


8 pieces of bread - Adonis

(Sliced bread or Hawaiian bread is fine. Also, bread can be cut up into pieces, so only need 4 pieces of sliced bread, for example.)


8 apple slices - William

8 orange pieces - William

(If you could take a whole apple and cut it into 8 pieces, that would be great. Same with the orange, we do not need 8 oranges, just one orange cut into 8 pieces would work just fine.)


8 pieces of cheese - Cassandra

(Any kind of cheese, cut into 8 small pieces.)


8 banana pieces - Beatrix

(Again, not 8 bananas, one banana cut into 8 slices would be fine.)


Immigrant Report Due October 9!



Assemble all information and put into a report. Information should include:

  • Decorative cover page with your name on it

  • Introduction to the family member you interviewed (who is this person, how is this person

related to you)

  • The journey to the United States

  • Why this person left

  • Their feelings about immigrating

  • What they did in the United States after immigrating

  • Information about the country (include a map)

You may also include your own feelings about this person’s story and what you learned.


Remember: This is a report written in your own words. Do not turn in a list of questions and answers.


Be prepared to present the following information on Oct. 9 to the class. 

  • Identify the person you interviewed
  • State what country that person immigrated from
  • Share an interesting fact you learned

Chocolate Boxes Still Available to Sell!!!

The fifth grade teachers ordered one more round of chocolate boxes. Once these boxes are gone, we will not be ordering any more boxes. Students may still sell boxes of chocolate until we run out of boxes.


October 11


Read the entire Scholastic Newspaper titled, “Into the Fire.”

Answer the questions on the back of the newspaper.

Read an article of your choice. (Do not pick the debate article. The article must be at least half a page long.) Highlight the topic in yellow and highlight the supporting details in a different color. Write a summary about the article on a separate piece of paper.

Read the debate article, “Should the School Week be Shorter?” Highlight the yes arguments in yellow and the no arguments in a different color. You do not need to write anything. Be ready to write in class about this topic.

Read for 20 minutes each night and complete the reading log.



Math - Finish the Math Workbook p.128. 


Study for DLR quiz and DMP quiz


If you are bringing anything for the science experiment, bring it in tomorrow!


Important Dates

Every Wednesday - Early Dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 1:40.


October 31 - Halloween 


November 1 - No School for Students


November 2 -  School is in session. 


November 2 - Spirit Day - Disney Day


November 16 - SF MOMA Field Trip


December 18 - Exploratorium Field Trip


 Chocolate Bar Sales for Outdoor Ed still going on until all chocolate is sold!

State Quiz - Oct. 11

Students just need to know where the state or capital is located; they do not need to memorize the spelling of each state or capital.


Oklahoma City     Topeka     Baton Rouge     Santa Fe     Phoenix         

Little Rock            Austin      Jackson             Denver        Montgomery

Wish List

  • Accelerated Reading books
  • Kleenex
  • Computer paper
  • White board markers
  • Used Dryer Sheets
  • Baby Wipes
  • Post-its
  • Michael's gift certificate
  • Make a donation through
  • Make a donation through Amazon Wishlist