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Accelerated Reading

Information on AcceleratedReader

We have Accelerated Quizzes on the following attached lists (warning over 4,000 books listed).

Books by Title - AR Book List by Title

Books by Reading Level - AR Book List by Reading Level


We currently have additional books available for Accelerated Reader.  Your child can look up the title at school to assure they can take a quiz.

Staff email


Transitional Kindergarten

Cassandra Magalit - cmagalit@ssfusd.org



Melanie Bingham - mbingham@ssfusd.org

Eveley Cha - echa@ssfusd.org

Jennifer Char - jchar@ssfusd.org

Andy Jones - dajones@ssfusd.org

Becky Celli-Woods - bwoods@ssfusd.org


First Grade

Gemma Choa - gchoa@ssfusd.org

Patty Kaw - pho@ssfusd.org

Kristin Warren - kwarren@ssfusd.org   

Kerry Cianciarulo  kcianciarulo@ssfusd.org

Lia Atsumi - latsumi@ssfusd.org


Second Grade 

Amanda Ceccacci - aceccacci@ssfusd.org

Olivia Pogorelskin -  opogorelskin@ssfusd.org

Allison Light - alight@ssfusd.org

Josie Louie - jlouie@ssfusd.org


Third Grade

Heather Arruda - harruda@ssfusd.org

Ellen Fiebert - efiebert@ssfusd.org

Lori Garcia-Rovetta - lgarcia@ssfusd.org

Tracey Neblett - tneblett@ssfusd.org


Fourth Grade

Jeannie Lindberg - jlindberg@ssfusd.org

Ami Moussa - amoussa@ssfusd.org

Nina Camozzi ncamozzi@ssfusd.org


Fifth Grade

Nicole Hillman - nhillman@ssfusd.org

Deborah Kreisman - dkreisman@ssfusd.org

Chris Stone - cstone@ssfusd.org


Academic Support / Academic Instruction

Liz Kvarna - ekvarna@ssfusd.org

Erika Alexander - ealexander@ssfusd.org


School Psychologist

Caroline Rymarz -  crymarz@ssfusd.org


Speech-Language Pathologist

Diana Barillas - dbarillas@ssfusd.org


Bilingual Assistant

David Luna - dluna@ssfusd.org